• September 2016: Machines of paint and other materials a group show curated by Jennifer Riley. September 10 - October 2 at 72 Front Street, a temporary exhibition space in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Fridays 3-6, Saturdays and Sundays 12-6. With: Sharon Butler, Cora Cohen, Elizabeth Hazan, Kathleen Kucka, Doreen McCarthy, Marcie MacGuffie, Laura Newman, Erin O’Brien, Nakima Ollin, Jennifer Riley, Lisa Stefanelli, Patrick Burns, Nathaniel Flagg, Craig Fisher, Michael Geshwer, Julian Hatton, Erick Johnson, Russell Roberts, Steve West, Kelly Wilson

  • May 2016: Weir Farm National Historic Site: I'm Artist in Residence for the entire month.

  • April 2016: Presenting at 17: I'll be discussing my work at 8pm on Sunday, 4/17, as part of Elise Gardella's wonderful salon series.

  • October 2015: 39x17, a group show at LaMama's La Galleria in Manhattan, celebrates Presenting at 17, a salon series hosted by Elise Gardella.

  • November 2014: The Flat File: Year Two, at TSA in Brooklyn, includes work by 33 international artists which will be featured in TSA's online flat file for one year.

  • May - July 2014: Roving Room is the inaugural exhibition at Habersham Mills in Demorest, Georgia. Curated by Kelly Kaczynski and Cori Williams, Roving Room features the work of over 50 national and international artists.

  • July - October 2011: Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Mouthing (The Sentient Limb)
    Curated by Kelly Kaczynski. Featuring works by Cameron Crawford, David Gracie, Rachel Herman, Yun Jeong Hong, Julia Klein, Dani Levanthal, Todd Mattei, Christopher Meerdo, Chris Naka, Erin O’Brien, Steve Reinke, Melanie Schiff, Amy Sillman

  • May 2011: Gorky's Granddaughter: Zach Keeting and Chris Joy visited my studio and made this video as part of their amazing ongoing studio-visit video project.

  • April 2011: The Regina Rex FlipFile features two-dimensional work 12×12 inches or less. This ongoing project begins with works by John Almanza, Brooke Berger, Biff Bolen, Michelle Bolinger, April Childers, Vince Contarino, Vince Dermody, Corey Escoto, Andreas Fischer, Katy Fischer, Beth Ganz, Christopher Gartrell, Candace Gottschalk, Clare Grill, Carl Gunhouse, Sue Havens, Tae Hwang, Hwan Jahng, Jac Lahav, Erin O’Brien, James Post, Meghann Riepenhoff, Ariana Page Russell, Melissa Scherrer, SKOTE, Josh Slater, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Patrick Smith and Adam Thompson.